A Panoramic Sweep of Pudong:Born to be Great!

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From 18th April, 1990 to 18th April, 2019

Pudong is 29 years old!


29 years of life witness 

a new-born"s growing up 

and coming to the prime of her life.

But what does it mean for a district?


Today I would like to share with you 

the looks of the past and the present 

of this post-90s.

Having seen the photos of 

her "childhood"and her new look,

you will be amazed by 

her grace and glamour 

from countless stories 

and considerable changes.


While the Huangpu River is still flowing eastward, riverside landscape has totally renovated. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower…High-rises soaring into clouds in Lujiazui are complementing each other.


By comparing the old and new looks of the Oriental Pearl Radio&TV Tower, you can see that the Tower stands still despite substantial changes in its surroundings.


The Seagull Gate witnessed the birth of China (Shanghai)  Pilot Free Trade Zone. Born in this pilot area, the "seagull" now spreads valuable experience all over the country.


In the 1980s, the Zhangjiang Area was synonymous with obscurity, but now it has become the habitat of advanced technologies and promising start-ups.


One drop of water sends waves of ripples across the lake. After over a year’s excavation of more than 17.8 million cubic meters of soil and water persion, Dishui Lake has become what it is now. Recently, it was awarded as "the Most Beautiful Lake in the Yangtze River Economic Belt".


Completed in 1999, Shanghai Pudong International Airport has not only become the second largest aviation hub of China, but also made its way as one of the top 10 airports in the world, and as a gateway of Pudong and Shanghai to the world.


Century Avenue extends eastward from a muddy path. It enjoys the title of "Landscape Avenue" with a combination of cars, buildings, lights and scenery. 


Lujiazui Central Green Space, once a dilapidated shanty town, has now won the name "Lung of the city" among clustered skyscrapers.


The famous Diyilou Tea Garden still holds strong attraction to visitors. Hongfuqiao Bridge was restored as well. The 1,300-year-old Xinchang, awarded the National Characteristic Town in 2017, is drawing up a blueprint for cultural creativity.


This photo tells us a transformation from a desolate countryside to an international tourist resort.


The 80,000-ton silos on Minsheng Wharf have been renovated from a grain silo to an exhibition center.


Since the 2010 World Expo, mess and disorder have given way to prosperity and harmony and it has become an engine housing various headquarters for economic growth.


The Pudong Library, the "big bookcase" exuding the charm of books, receives more than 10,000 visitors a day, and over 20,000 people on a weekend and during summer holidays.


The Oriental Art Center is like a beautiful "Phalaenopsis". Since its operation in 2005, the Center has been widely acknowledged at home and abroad as the ideal place to enjoy symphony.


East Riverside is equipped with comfortable trails, runways, cycling routes, and a fully-furnished "River View Station". You can enjoy the scenery and exercise at the same time.


"A bed in Puxi is better than a house in Pudong" has long been regarded an outdated saying. The living environment in Pudong has been greatly enhanced. 


The rural revitalization begins with the improvement of houses. Surroundings of houses have become pleasant and people still could savor traces of the past with a sense of nostalgia.


No. 2001, Century Avenue is the administrative center of Pudong district where encouraging policies and pioneering initiatives have been carried out for the welfare of people.

Both the landmark high-rises 

and the subtle changes of daily life 

have witnessed the development of Pudong.


In a new age, the way people getting married has also changed. In the old days, the groom had to pick up the bride from her maiden home, and they would merrily celebrate at the wedding feast. Nowadays, the motorcade and wedding photos have become increasingly popular among newlyweds.


From street vegetable stalls to indoor bargain counters, they are the places where real life begins.


What has been changed is a broader range of dishes for a reunion dinner, but what remains is the warmth and love of a family.


Back then, people ate hand-made popcorns at roadside stalls. Now they could enjoy popcorns at cinemas.


In the past, "going shopping" mostly referred to the purchase of groceries in stores nearby. Now, people go to New Yaohan, Shanghai Village and other shopping malls to buy products they want.


The development of transportation from bus to subway significantly shortens travel time. 


Running errands was so time-consuming. Nowadays more and more can be done through the portal of Government Affairs Office with a simple click.


"Bookworms" used to go to Xinhua Bookstore. Nowadays, there are more and more places with different themes and well-furnished facilities for avid readers to linger on and frequent. What"s more, they are open for FREE! 


Waste sorting is being advocated. Trash cans have been cleaner and more intelligent when coupled with technology.


In the second picture, it can be seen that the traffic light and lamppost, instead of being attached to different poles, have been fixed together to one pole.


From table tennis games among neighbors to professional cycling competitions, I have gained so much happiness from sports. 

The cultural landmarks show her taste,

better environmental facilities 

highlight her thoughtfulness. 

What she pursues all the time

is the highest caliber for every one. 

In the bygone years, 

talents who entertained the hope 

of realizing their dreams 

have sweated and toiled in this very land. 

The growth of Pudong

owes to the efforts of every one!


Let"s wish Pudong, a charming district

a happy birthday.

And extend our sincere wishes

to those who pursue their dreams

and who look forward to a better future.



摄影:姚建良 茅正元 EYE浦东 徐网林 朱泉春 黄日阅 张小荣等

图片资料来源:浦东新区档案局 东岸集团 新场镇等


Happy Birthday to Pudong!

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